SyncToCloud v1.34 released

– Global: csjob file format upgraded (number values changed to enum)
– Global: save job menu removed
– Global: export jobs to html menu hidden by default (use -htmlexport startup param)
– Global: swt 4.2.1 updated to swt 4.4
– Main: shift+enter/shift+double click:  open log for selected job
– Main: ctrl+enter/ctrl+double click: sync selected job
– Job: variable list items deletable (variable references resolved as text)
– Job: rename or delete variable modify job checkEntry values
– Job: Dosbox executer conf validation fixed
– Job: Dosbox executer add conf files to required files list
– Job: job publisher dialog can show job validation warnings
– JobRepository: various scanfolder detection improvements
– Task: Executon mode combo change enable/disable affected ignore error combos
– Filetask: cloud dir not exist “null filetask” dialog title fixed
– Filetask: disable file check startup option disable cloud dir check too
– Filetask: variable test result structured list instead of text
– Launcher: disable single instance mode restriction

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