SyncToCloud v1.40 released

– Global: time display improvements (minute only display trailing space removed)
– Global: filename generator replace ” – ” chars to “-” char.
– Global: disablefilecheck startup flag disable dosbox configuration check too
– Global: control validation framework (can handle multiple validations on same control – like file rename)
– Global: text control validation improvements (when text changed, error marker removed)
– Filter: form layout fixed (adding scroll bars to query text dialog)
– Filter: filter mode validations added
– Main: multiple job selection print selected job count too
– Main: you can open job properties dialog by context menu or alt double click
– Job: variable rename NPE fixed (JobDataVersionInfo.renameVariable(
– Job: default job name contains job category. Example: alien_breed_tower_assault_gog_mlt.csjob
– Job: jobfilename improvements ” – ” delimeters optimised to “_” (doom – gog -> doom_-_gog -> doom-gog)
– Export: auto rename selected jobs function added

SyncToCloud v1.39 released

– Startup: error dialog added when app cannot find required files in jar file
– Log: log dialog in some cases show FINE messages by default (example variable evaluation)
– Global: compiler warnings removed
– Watch: dialog counter bug fixed
– Invalid job file import NPE fixed (JobUtils.getJobData(

New GOG templates added

Templates created by Paulo, thank you for contribution.

Check SyncToCloud gog mix, for the complete list of supported GOG games.


SyncToCloud v1.38 released

– FileSync: subdir sync bug fixed
– Executer: wait for execution countdown corrected
– Executer: ext. app detection improved, when wait for execution is disabled
– Dosbox executer: config dnd validation upgraded
– Dosbox executer: config releative path determination crash fixed
– JobDetector: progress update counters fixed
– Watch: App crash fixed (