What is SyncToCloud?


SyncToCloud is free, open source software designed to launch applications, and synchronize applications data from various sources into a cloud.

We aim to provide (and continuously improve) an easy to use software, which is still adaptable to complex problems. Should you have any questions or comments, or if you maybe detected any bugs, please send your remarks to us.

If you are new user, check quick start guide.

Main features:

  • launch applications, synchronize data from various sources into a cloud
  • support any file based cloud storage provider (dropbox, google drive, skydrive, etc)
  • multiplatform (windows, linux, mac)
  • can manage template based synchronisation rules (with variable support) via gui interface
  • conflict handling
  • job repository and job detection
  • it’s free

SyncToCloud v1.35 released

– job: when execution mode is dosbox, publish default system is cross platform
– global: file name sanitizer eleminate double _ characters
– Global: when no global variables defined on app startup, application create defaults
– Global: when no scan dir configuration, you can bring up scan dirs
– Global: scan wizzard dialog when scan dir configuration created and scan dirs defined

SyncToCloud v1.34 released

– Global: csjob file format upgraded (number values changed to enum)
– Global: save job menu removed
– Global: export jobs to html menu hidden by default (use -htmlexport startup param)
– Global: swt 4.2.1 updated to swt 4.4
– Main: shift+enter/shift+double click:  open log for selected job
– Main: ctrl+enter/ctrl+double click: sync selected job
– Job: variable list items deletable (variable references resolved as text)
– Job: rename or delete variable modify job checkEntry values
– Job: Dosbox executer conf validation fixed
– Job: Dosbox executer add conf files to required files list
– Job: job publisher dialog can show job validation warnings
– JobRepository: various scanfolder detection improvements
– Task: Executon mode combo change enable/disable affected ignore error combos
– Filetask: cloud dir not exist “null filetask” dialog title fixed
– Filetask: disable file check startup option disable cloud dir check too
– Filetask: variable test result structured list instead of text
– Launcher: disable single instance mode restriction